Gerald Wayne Potts Jr. Memorial Scholarship application

Gerald Wayne Potts, Jr. Scholarship Application

Dear Scholarship Applicants:

This is the Gerald Wayne Potts Jr. Memorial Scholarship application for . We are currently accepting applications for consideration.

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

1. Be the child, or stepchild of a current or deceased USPCA, Region III member.
2. Be attending a two or four year college full-time in the academic calendar
year in pursuit of a Technical, Associates or Bachelors degree.
3. If selected, a scholarship in the amount of $2,500 will made to the recipient.
4. All applications should be received in complete form by . Applications
should be mailed to:
5. Scholarship Recipient Can Only Apply Once.

USPCA Region 3
C/O Gerald Potts Jr. Memorial Scholarship
6503 Rose Hill Dr, Alexandria, Va. 22310

Criteria include grades, essay responses and community service. Please feel free to make
copies of this application for your school or department. If there are any questions please
contact Carlos Rolon, President, USPCA Region III at

If you have a middle name please include it.

List the names and addresses of colleges or institutions to which you have applied or intend to apply, or the name of the college or institution in which you are currently enrolled.

Please feel free to upload a document to answer the following questions if you need more space.

1. Most recent transcript of grades showing all high school grades to date. This may be an
unofficial transcript that can be verified.
2. Any college letters of acceptance received.
3. If you are already enrolled as a full time college student, please include your college
transcripts to date.
4. A ONE PAGE essay addressing the following topic:
What does it mean to you to be a child of a police officer?

I hereby certify that the aforementioned information is true to the best of my knowledge. I
understand that any willful misrepresentation of any fact can and will disqualify me from
consideration. I understand that the deadline for submitting my completed application is March 31, 2018.