A Godsend

Kenric Barclay, CEO of Kubitt, is a godsend. When I met him, he spent over 3 hours helping me go over my vision for the site, and provided exemplary service for hundreds of dollars under budget. Kenric has a gift for web design and business preparation. He even has provided services I didn’t even know I needed from assistance…

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Delivers Every Time!

The Tep Plan

I’ve been doing business with Kubitt for over 10 years now and they have always provided excellent work.  I recently got my site redesigned and it was breath taking.  I am very happy with the website and so is my audience.

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My Life Line

Rose King

When I found Kubitt I was brand new to doing business on the Internet and marketing myself as an author.  They made helpful suggestions to promote my brand and digital image and took me to the next level.

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Patient and Helpful

demerara boat1

I avoided selling my books online for so long.  I have huge concerns when it comes down to technology.  Kubitt was able to walk me through the entire process in clear and simple terms.  Kubitt did all of the heavy lifting I was advertising events, selling books, and managing my digital image in no time.

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I Love IT!

Kubitt gave my small business a clean and professional web presence that significantly increased revenue.  I had no idea how many clients I was losing before they made my website mobile compatible.

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My Savior

We have an established small business and have been up and running for decades.  Challenges at our location forced us to move and really rethink the way our office ran.  We called Kubitt and they were able to come up with a comprehensive plan on how to be more efficient and reduce cost by implementing a few small changes…

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