Affordable Internet Options for Low-Income Families

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Over the past two decades Internet connectivity has become a vital part of our lives. Most children can’t complete basic school work without access to a computer and the Internet. Furthermore, a person should not miss out on additional job opportunities because they cannot have reliable or affordable Internet. Often, access to this resource can improve a family’s quality…

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Protecting Seniors Online – Updated

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Today it seems like kids know how to operate a smart phone before they can walk.  We still have a generation of adults that are now walking into technology.  Just like they took care of us when we were young and vulnerable we need to return the favor now that they have matured. Ultimate Safety Guide for Seniors Safety…

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Children Addicted To Smartphones


Today, a lot of Millennial parents use smartphones and tablets as a way to keep their kids quiet while they do chores, study, or just need a break. The key to any technology is moderation. Children can get addicted to smartphones and tablets. Here is an article on who to look out for. My Son Was Addicted to his…

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