New Website Walk through


So you’ve gotten your idea together, you found the perfect space, and now you want to get the word out about your business, idea, or project.  Starting a website is a big part of your overall marketing strategy.  Most people have no idea where to begin and have so many questions that some times they give up on their passion.  This article will help simplify the process.  Owning your website can be inexpensive and efficient but the key is getting started.

There are three parts to web site ownership.  You have the domain, hosting, and designer fee.  The domain is the actual name of the website (  It is a separate fee and must be renewed yearly.  That cost can be anywhere from $25 to $45 annually depending on what domain registrar you use and what other options are attached to that domain name (SSL, domain locking, registration confidentiality).  All fees for the domain are directly paid to the domain company.

The next part is the hosting.  Hosting is the computer in cyberspace where the website actually lives.  Typically it makes sense to have your domain and hosting from the same company.  It makes things much easier in the long run.  Hosting can cost $8 – $30 per month depending on the hosting package.  Most web hosting companies will give you a low cost bundle for the first year.  Web hosting companies typically bill the entire year up front. All fees for the domain are directly paid to the hosting company.

The last part is the web developer/designer fee.  Every client is different.  Some clients only want the web developer doing updates to the website which is fine.  This can range from uploading event information weekly to making information changes and adding pages every few months.  It really depends on the client.  We can also allow the client to maintain and update the website by show tech comfortable people how to make updates.  The platform that I use for a lot of my newer clients is WordPress.  WordPress is an easy to use content management system/ blogging platform that doesn’t require novice users to know any type of web coding.

During the first year web hosting companies advertised package for new customers.  The domains are free and the hosting is heavily discounted.  All of the companies cost seem to range in the same price point.  Most web developers can work within the infrastructure of any web hosting company.  Sometimes developers might have recommendations on changing your web hosting package.

At the time that clients decide to work with us we enter into a formal web design contract that would explain more details regarding the arrangement and responsibilities of each party.

Please reach out to us to discuss the actual cost of your project.